The Twelve Steps to Understanding the Public Servant: Or, Go Away, I’m on Break

I know, you’ve encountered us everywhere – getting a permit to build your deck, renewing your car registration, or just calling for information about a project in your town.  We’re rude, we’re annoyed, and we’re entitled.  We are government works.

Ever wonder how we got like this?  After applying for a job, taking tests in some cases, and interviewing, do we come to our first day of work with this attitude?  Is there some natural proclivity where curmudgeons are hired by government agencies, while light-hearted, friendly staff go elsewhere? Well, no.

I’m here to tell you that government workers are made, not hired. There is no distinction here among federal, state, county, etc. worker.  Governments hire good, hard-working people.  They send in resumes, take tests, go on interviews and are ultimately selected to do their jobs.

So, what happens between the interview and a couple of years on the job?  What exactly happens to create the miserable, unfriendly grouches that we call government workers?

Well, it’s a process.  For some, it happens in a matter of months.  For others, it takes many years. And, believe it or not, there are some gems out there who have not become jaded cranks.

What I have here is a 12-step program for understanding government employees.  Maybe at the end of the 12-steps, you will feel empowered for dealing with the poker-faced, petulant employee at the window of the DMV.

Stay tuned for the steps…..


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