Diamond on a Lizard’s Tail

lizard-man-2450When toxicologist Carol Westin is questioned by police detectives for leaking classified information from the New Jersey Department of Health, she is devastated. She already has her hands full balancing the demands of disgruntled citizen activists and smarmy political appointees, and the surprise visit from the police makes her feel as stable as a beaker full of contaminated water on a teeter totter.

But when Carol is arrested for a murder she didn’t commit, the beaker topples. Not only is someone leaking her files, but a reporter is dead because of it. Stuck in a holding cell in Trenton in the middle of the of night, she reluctantly turns to the only person who can help her, outrageous political blogger and self-appointed lawyer to whistleblowers, Bulldog Kominski. It was Bulldog who posted the classified files about the chemical that got Carol into trouble in the first place, and she’s hoping he can mop up the mess the post has left behind.

Bulldog wants Carol to give him more classified files, and Carol needs Bulldog to convince the police that she is not the leaker. In other words, she must perpetrate the very crime she is accused of committing in order to exonerate herself of the murder. The trouble is, they can’t stand each other and must swallow their differences so they don’t drown in the sea of corruption that is Trenton, NJ.


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